I thought that Wellingborough Golf Club looked after us well.  We can’t do much about the weather, though to be honest it was better than I had expected.  It was a bit disappointing to see spiked greens, but they putted OK and though the locals ahead of us were on temporaries, at least we were on the main greens.   Interesting that the low handicappers fared well.  I thought that it definitely helped to be long and straight off the tee.

I particularly hope that the new members – Dan Ashwell, Ian King, Kath Malvern, Huw & Liz Rees – enjoyed their day and the company.  I couldn’t get round all of you afterwards but the consensus I spoke to was that the course is definitely worth revisiting.  Which is just as well as I’ve booked it for 29 Sep 2021.  I thought that the soup & sandwiches, and the bacon bap were really good and shall tell the club.

I attach the top results which may come as a surprise to some of you.  I will be in touch with the Q, Nigel Ashworth & Andrew Curtis about their prizes.

Many congratulations to Q Dixon, the winner of the Swinton Cup, his first RAFGS success but not, I suspect, the last.  He is in exalted company.  I picked a few past winners whose names might mean something to some of you.  Bing Cross became CinC Strike Command.  Oliver Green was the first Captain & later Secretary at Woburn.  Black Ferguson was well known in the early days of Recce F4s.

The results never tell the full story.  The conditions made scoring difficult and there were remarkably few birdies; Ian Robinson scored 3.  Q’s round was very steady with just 1 blob.  Huw & Liz Rees each scored 20 points on the front 9.  My playing partners had a good day, with Nigel Ashworth scoring 36 with 2 blobs & Liz Rees 36 with just 1 blob; shame it was not a team event!



18 Hole Stableford – Swinton Cup presented in 1935 (our 3rd oldest trophy) by the Earl of Swinton

Previous winners

Bing Cross, Flt Lt Henry Cotton, Guy Wolstenholme, Oliver Green (3),        Black Ferguson, David Harrison, Cecil Beamish, John Niven (2)

Current players:

Nigel Dowdall, Roger Carr (3), Mark Foreman, Jerry Davies & Lyndon Wall (2) our defending champion

NameH’capFront 9Back 9TotalPosition
Q Dixon31819371
Ollie Whyatt101719362
Nigel Ashworth141917363
Liz Rees212016364
Andrew Curtis141718355
Ian Robinson61916356
Mick Roche61816347
Dan Ashwell121617338
Ian Wood151617339 B6
Richard Masefield1316173310 B6
Mike Edwards1817163311

Not quite:  Chris Dickens 32; Martin Old, Kath Malvern, Roger Carr 31.

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