Planning for the Centenary is on track. The flagship event will be at Moor Park on 9th June 2021. The format will be: meet for coffee, baps etc in time for a Shotgun Start at 0930 for 92 golfers (23×4). Dinner for a maximum of 120 will be at 1530. As at 16 June 2018, of the 75 members who responded to the questionnaire, 65 put Moor Park as their priority. Another event will be held at Coxmoor on Wednesday 11th August 2021. Coxmoor can provide a 2-tee start for up to 72 golfers at midday with an evening meal.

Players at all Meetings and matches are being encouraged to complete the Questionnaire so by the end of the year the committee should have a good feel for whether another event is needed and if some form of ballot is required. We hope to invite representatives from those clubs and societies with whom we have a strong association to take part in one of the key events.

The committee is also considering what might be appropriate commemorative gifts for the golf clubs and societies and the Secretary is investigating what would be well received. Options include a trophy to encourage junior golfers, a bespoke print or photograph perhaps of RAF aircraft, a tree and a bench. The committee is also investigating purchasing various smaller items of memorabilia. These include Centenary logoed golf balls, pitch repairers, ball markers and scorecard holders. Polo shirts and sweaters with appropriate embroidery are possibilities; for these, members will be invited to submit payment with their order early in 2021 so that we could benefit from purchasing in large numbers. A new tie and a new flag have not been ruled out!

In 2018, 170 players each contributed £10 to the Centenary Fund. We anticipate having approximately £8500 without sponsorship to dedicate to Centenary activities. The January 2020 Newsletter will outline the state of planning and the web-site will update this as more information becomes available. The 2021 Handbook will contain the entry forms and the Newsletter will describe how we will celebrate the Centenary.

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