Clock Golf

Clock Golf

For Clock Golf, all that is required is sufficient space on a lawn to describe the circle to form the clock face. The lawn must be smooth but not necessarily level. siuuuui, uui The circle is marked out preferably in white, with the help of pee stnng brush and whitening, and may be of any such convenient size as the lawn will admit A circle of from 20 to 24 feet in diameter will gen’ erally into be found to be large enough. Having described the circle, divide k twelve equal parts, placing a mark on the circle line at those points which are called the figure points. To complete the clock face, the platS are pressed into place at the various figure points, outside (or inside) the line of the circle.
And lastly, a putting hole is made, four inches in diameter and about four inches deep, in any selected spot between the center of the circle and the circumference. It will thus be seen that the distances from each figure point to the hole will differ in length.

The object of the player is to hole out from each successive figure point order, commencing with 1, in the fewest possible strokes. Only a golf ball and putter are required further to play the game. For practise in putting Clock Golf is unrivalled, and the demand for the game and the interest it excites at garden parties, shows it afso to be socially, a popular game for drawing people together.

When a number of persons desire to play, sides may be chosen, or play may be against all.


  1. Players may play singly. Each player, in his turn, may complete the the round of the clock, playing from each figure point in order, and counting each stroke he takes.
  2. Or, partners and opponents may play together. Each player in turn, holing out from each figure point, counting his strokes.

Game by Holes. When the game is to be decided by holes each hole, in turn is won by that player who holes out in the fewest strokes, and the game is wonby the player who holes out in the fewest strokes, and the game is won by the player who wins the greater number of holes from his opponent.

N.B. – Whenever the ball is struck so as to move appreciably from its position, the stroke must be counted.

The circle forms the boundary, and when a ball is struck so as to pass beyond this, it must be returned to and played from the point where it crossed the line, counting one stroke as penalty .

All rules which apply to putting and to playing with partners in ordinary golf may, when applicable, hold good also in fhe game of Clock Golf.

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