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Fred Collins Commentary – Welsh Championship – 24 Aug 1905


The second annual championship meeting of the Welsh Professional Golfing Association and the first meeting of the Welsh section for the qualifying competition for the “News of the World Cup-a trophy open for competition to professionals in Great Britain, which are this year held under the auspices of the Welsh Golfing Union, took place on the links of the Caernarvonshire Golf Club at Conwy on Wednesday. There are also a number of money prizes.

The climatic conditions were not altogether favourable. It was very dull overhead, and a strong westerly wind blew. Despite the fact that rain fell in torrents the previous day and night, the course was in fairly good order, the greens being exceptionally good. The course, however, played rather slow, and was found to be somewhat difficult in places. There were fifteen entries representation of the Welsh professionals. The conditions were medal play, over 36 holes. Considerable interest was manifested in both events, which were played off simultaneously.

Sir Richard A. Williams-Bulkeley, the president of the local club and the chairman of the executive committee of the Welsh Golfing Union, himself a keen golfer, Mr. Andrew Fletcher, of Margam Abbey, and Dr. Tenison Collins, secretary of the Union, were early in attendance, and displayed lively interest in the proceedings.

The first couple to go out were Fred Collins (Llandudno) and G. Duncan (Timperley). the latter of whom sought to qualify for the “News of the World” Cup only. They were accompanied by a good following of spectators, and smarted off in the teeth of a strong wind. The first hole Collins did in 3, but Duncan reduced his opponent’s lead at the second by taking the hole in 4 to the Llandudno pro a 5. The Timperley man’s second shot was a very good one, and almost took the hole in 3. Going to the third Duncan got into difficulties with his tee shot, which he topped, and it took him 8 to do the hole. Collins made a lovely straight drive against the wind, doing the hole in 3, against bogey’s 4. Duncan made a splendid drive and a clinking second shot, which carried him to within a few inches of the hole. and succeeded in reducing his opponent’s lead at the fourth by 2 strokes. the bogey here is 5. and Duncan’s performance (he doing it 1n 3) was greatly admired There was nothing worthy of comment from here to the ninth, where the local man led by 1 stroke. On the home journey Duncan again made a fine drive for the tenth. Nothing of interest followed, and Collins maintaining his lead, ran out winner by 2 strokes, the scores being, Collins 77, Duncan 79. Before the links were extended to eighteen holes. Duncan, when professional of the Caernarvonshire Club, did the course in 69.

A. Matthews (Rhyl), who defeated Charles Morris (returned the next bet score, although it took him 7 to do the seventeenth, which was his only mistake in the round. The Radyr professional met Cassidy, of Withington. The former started rather badly, and got into a bunker. At the third Cassidy who played a beautiful game, covered the first five holes with an average of 4. Going to the seventh, however, he topped his tee shot, and, missing his second, got bunkered. The eighth hole was halved in 5, as also was the ninth with perfect 4’6. On the return Wakerley took the tenth in 6 to Cassidy’s 5. The former did the eleventh in 3 to Cassidy’s 6. Cassidy missing his tee shot. and getting into the gorse. Both halved the fourteenth for 3. and going to the fifteenth, a distance of 210 yards, Wakerley put his tee shot within a yard of the hole, but missed his putt. Eventually Cassidy defeated his opponent by five points. Wakerley took 45 to go out and 40 home, Cassidy being 41 and 39 respectively. Both Hutcheson, the Porthcawl professional. and T. Brace (Brecon) who opposed each other were much off their form, the former being especially unfortunate with his putting. At one green he took no less than four putts when within three yards of the hole. He also topped several of his drives and took eight to do the tenth hole. He eventually proved victorious over Brace by 3.

The second round was played, Collins and Duncan again going out followed by a larger gallery than before. Both players were in capital form, and gave a really ‘fine display, their driving being exceptionally good. The first nine holes were halved with 37. At the seventh Collins duffed his driving short of the bunker, and despite a short approach, got home for 3. He badly overran the green at the eleventh, but, making no mistake, he putted lovely for 4. He had a fine drive at the sixteenth, but with his second got into a ditch. Losing one point as a penalty he holed for 6. his net score for the round was 76—a remarkably good score in face of so strong a wind. Proceeding to the fifth hole, Duncan made a lovely drive and a capital second, holing for 4, after covering a distance of 430 yards. Going to the tenth, he made a magnificent drive and at 440 yards, was on the edge of the green, but it took him three putts to hole. He made a mess on the way to the twelfth, but splendidly recovered with his brassie. His third he fluffed and holed with his fifth. At the eighteenth he carried the green of 287 yards with his drive. With his second he was short by a few inches, and eventually got down for 4, which was a very disappointing finish to a really fine game. Hutcheson, who played a much better game in the afternoon, went out in 39. He did the first two holes in 2 and 3 respectively. At the eleventh it cost him 5 to do a three hole, and at the seventeenth he was unfortunate enough to get into a bunker, which cost him 7 to hole. Brace had also improved in his play, taking 44 to go out and 41 to return. Wakerley, who putted badly, was again defeated by Cassidy, there being a difference of 3 between them.

Scores FIRST ROUND (EIGHTEEN HOLES). F. Collins (Llandudno) 77
G. Duncan (Timperley) 79
A. Matthews (Rhyl) 79
A. Cassidy (Withington) 80
T. Leaver (Conwy) 84
L. Ross (Sutton Conwy) 85
R. Wakerley (Radyr) 85
J. Hutcheson (Porthcawl) 86
W. Vickers (Conwy) 88
T. Brace (Brecon) 89
C. Lloyd (Newport) 90
C. Morris (Tenby) 98

F. Collins 76
G. Duncan 76
J. Hutcheson 79
A. Matthews 81
L. Ross 83
R. Wakerley 84
T. Leaver 84
T. Brace 85
A. Cassidy 87
W. Vickers 87
C. Morris 88
C. Lloyd 90

The following are the detailed scores of the two first men in the two rounds: –
Duncan (first round)- Out 5,4,8,3,4,4,3,5,5-41 Home 6,3,5,4,3,3,5,5,4-38 Net total 79
Collins (first round)- Out 3,5,4,6,5,4,3,5 4-40 Home 5,3,4,3,3,4,6,5 4—73—Net total 77 Collins (second round)- Out 3,5,4,4,4,4,3,5,5-37 Home 4,4,5,4,4,2,6,6,4-39-net total 76 Duncan (second round)- Out 3,5,4,4,4,5,3,4,5-37 Home 5,4,5,4,3,3,5,6.4-79-net total 76 Totals for 36 holes— Collins 153 Duncan 155 Collins has thus won the championship, and again qualifies for the “News of the World” Cup.

THE CHAMPION. Fred Collins, the champion, who was born at Bowden (Cheshire) has been professional of the Llandudno Club for the last eleven years. He was in the qualifying round for the” News of the World Cup last year, and reached the second round, when he was only beaten at the seventeenth hole. He has twice represented England against Scotland in international matches, and on each occasion defeated his opponent.

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