Halifax Veterans Plate



1991J.W. Patrick
1992J.W. Patrick
1993Wg Cdr K. Lister
1994P.K. Stacey
1995W.C. Hook
1996C.R. Petch
1997J. Harrison
1998J.E.L. Potter
1999Gp Capt H.A. Griffiths
2000D. Martin
2001C.R. Petch
2002C.R. Petch
2003S.C. Black
2004W.H. Edwards
2005J. Jagger
2006F.G. McGuigan
2007Gp Capt H.A. Griffiths
2008E.C. Kendall
2009J.E. Audsley
2010Sqn Ldr R.G. Taylor
2011Gp Capt W.F. Hughes
2012Sqn Ldr A.E.J. Doveston
2013J. Barker
2014Sqn Ldr A.E.J. Doveston
2015Air Cdre M.C. Rudd
2016Sqn Ldr A.E.J. Doveston
2017Sqn Ldr A.E.J. Doveston
2018B.W. Hughes
2019Wg Cdr D.M. Old
2020J.A. Smale

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