J.A. Earnshaw

John Alfred Earnshaw

Son of John Alfred Earnshaw and Janet Ada Thompson.
Married (20.12.1951) Rose Nadaud, from Buenos Aires, Argentina; two daughters, one son.

Education: Marlborough College (01.1919-03.1923; Fleur de Lys House); Pembroke College, Cambridge.

10.12.1942 commissioned, Royal Air Force Regiment [emergency commission]

His son writes: “While he was born in Buenos Aires, his parents spent as much time in the UK as in Argentina, so he did his schooling at Marlborough College and later accounting at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Back in Argentina he worked in insurance and years later set up a small company in Buenos Aires to administrate farms (estancias).

He was a scratch golfer winning all the amateur tournaments in Buenos Aires, during the summer he enjoyed fly-fishing in the Andean lakes and rivers, and he had dashing looks, with white hair resulting from an almost deadly lung infection in his youth.
Tournament won Campeonato Del Club Caballeros – Smith Cup 1938 and 1940