RAFGS Trophies

RAFGS Trophies

The Denys Field Challenge Cup

Deny Field Challenge Cup

Mrs Burton Leach, the mother of Sqn Ldr Denys Field donated a trophy after the death of her son. It was to be called “The Denys Field Challenge Cup” and would be competed for at the Spring and Autumn meetings, for the best scratch score over 36 holes on the first day.

National Playing Fields Cup

National Field Playing Cup

The National Field Playing Cup to be, as formerly, the best nett scores of 20 players in the afternoon round of the 1st day of the Spring and Autumn meetings to qualify and the best nett score of these 20 players in the morning round of the 3rd day of the same meeting would win. It was agreed at the Committee Meeting held 31st Aug 1955 that the National Playing Fields Cup would only be competed for annually at the Spring Meeting.

The Swinton Cup

To be won by the best nett score 1st and 2nd division, on the second day in the 18 hole Bogey Singles Competition in the Autumn and Spring Meeting.

Sassoon Cups

Sir Philip Sassoon 1939

To be won by the best nett score in the 18 hole stroke play Men’s Foursomes in the afternoon of the 3rd day in the Spring and Autumn Meetings.

Egerton Johnson – Donation by Mr Egerton Johnson

A trophy was donated to the RAF Golfing Society by Mr Egerton Johnson. The trophy was to be known as the “Egerton Johnson Trophy” which was decided to be competed for at the Spring meeting , Foursomes, Stableford. Mr Johnson presented the Trophy at Hoylake in 1965.

The RAF Seletar Club Trophy – Donated to RAFGS 1971

The RAF Seletar Club Trophy – Royal Island Cup

The RAF Seletar Club Trophy “Royal Island Cup” was donated by the RAF Seletar Golf Club in 1971 to the RAFGS which would be competed for annually to the member of the Society who returns a best handicap score over 72 holes at the RAF Championship Meeting.

RAF Seletar Trophy Winners

Source: RAFGS Committee Minutes 25th Feb 1946

The Cheshire Plates

The Cheshire Plates

The Elizabeth Singer Cup

Elizabeth Singer Cup

The Elizabeth Singer Cup was donated by Wg Cdr H.A. Singer in 1955. He had offered the trophy which was to be competed at Society Meeting. It was accepted by the committee and would be called the “Elizabeth Singer Cup”. It was decided at the committee meeting on 31st Aug 1955 that it would be played at the Autumn Meeting and would be played for the best nett 36 holes on the 1st day, with the proviso that the winner of the Denys Field Cup could NOT also win the Elizabeth Singer Cup.

Halifax Trophy

The Halifax Tropy

George Grant Govan Cups

George Grant Govan Cups

Keith Davies Trophy

Awarded to the winners of the Annual Match between. The Aero Golfing Society and The Royal Air Force Golfing Society.

Edward Keith Davies was born in 1885 and died in 1968. He was a pioneer in aviation and held the 22nd aviation certificate issued by the Royal Aero Club in 1910. He served in 6 Squadron, Royal Flying Corp as a Captain and he was the first man to fly in India.

From RAFGS records, the first recorded match was first played in 1947 at Wimbledon GC (now Royal Wimbledon) but it is not known who won this match or in 1948. The engraving on the Cup, which was presented in 1949, tells us the subsequent winners. In the early days only the best golfers in the RAFGS were selected (the equivalent of Cat 1 golfers today).


Royal Air Force Vs Royal Navy

Royal Air Force Vs Royal Navy
Annual Golf Society Challenge Trophy
Presented by Squadron Leader M.J. Hudson
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