Sassoon Cups



Royal Air Force Golfing Association Foursome Challenge Cups for Annual Competition Presented by The Right Honourable Sir Philip Sassoon, Bart MP. Trent Park
1939Air Cdre J. D’Albiac and Sqn Ldr C.H. Hayward
1940-45No Competition
1946Sqn Ldr F.G. Roberts and Flt Lt C.G. Griffith
1947Sqn Ldr F.C. Roe and Sgt R. Catt
1950Sqn Ldr R.L. Wade and Flt Lt M. Bennett
Sqn Ldr K.C. Holloway and Wg Cdr R.W. Holloway
1951Sqn Ldr R.T. Mason and Wg Cdr A.F. Trinder
Gp Capt R.F. Fletcher and Gp Capt D.W. Smyth
1952Sqn Ldr E.P. Eastment and Flt Lt J.M. Knowlson
Sqn Ldr P.O.V. Green and Sqn Ldr N.G.S. Marshall
1953Flt Lt G. Martin and LAC T. Dougray
Sqn Ldr A. Stewart and Fg Off R.G. Russell-Bishop
1954Cpl P.J.Thubron and LAC C.C. Wells
Cpl P.J.Thubron and LAC C.C. Wells
1955Jnr Tech P.R. Collins and AC1 A.J.C. Scott
Wg Cdr P.O.V. Green and Sqn Ldr W.E. McCrea
1956SAC B.N. Davies and Cpl W.A. Marshall
Sqn Ldr H. Fincher and Wg Cdr J.S. McLean
1957Flt Lt E.L. Williams and Flt Lt G.W. Barnett
Gp Capt P.H. Roscoe and Cpl J.T. Leslie
1958Sqn Ldr S. Shield and Sqn Ldr F.W. Ellis
Wg Cdr J. Heagerty and Sqn Ldr F. Roe
1959Flt Lt O.D. Smith and Fg Off J. Thompson
Gp Capt G.K. Buckingham and Wg Cdr W.N. Ash
1960Flt Lt P.A. Drysdale and Flt Lt G.P. Gibb
Sqn Ldr R.H. Hinton and D.B. Theaker
1961Flt Lt J.M. Ledbury and Sqn Ldr T. Linthwaite
1962Dr J.G. Cooper and Sqn Ldr F.G. Roberts
1963Sgt R. Porter and Flt Lt D.G. Hudson
1964Wg Cdr C.G. Unwin and Flt Lt D. Graham
1965Wg Cdr G.K.N. Lloyd and Sqn Ldr H.M. Archer
1966Gp Capt W.E. Wolsey and Capt V.G. Gane
1967Wg Cdr H. Armitage and Wg Cdr C. Cooke
1968Sqn Ldr G.E.R. Parr and Flt Lt J.S. Mounsey
1969WO J. Tomkins and Flt Lt D. Graham
1970Gp Capt T.W. Kean and Wg Cdr E.M. Morris
1971Sqn Ldr J. Niven and Flt Lt D.D. Thomas
1972Sqn Ldr G.E.R. Parr and SAC Baxter
1973Sqn Ldr J. Niven and Jnr Tech G. Edwards
1974J.W. Casserley and B.B. Considine
1975Flt Lt C.G. Griffiths and J. Greenaway
1976Capt C.D. Knapp and Flt Lt W.C. Parke
1977A.W.J. Johnson and J. Halpin
1978Wg Cdr R.C. Bowers and Flt Lt D.D. Thomas
1979Gp Capt R.G. Ashford and Wg Cdr J.R. Marshall
1980Sqn Ldr R.R. Curtis and Flt Lt F.K. Feldon
1981J.J. Baynes and Gp Capt G. Ross
1982Flt Lt J.S. Mounsey and Sqn Ldr G.E.R. Parr
1983Sqn Ldr T.M. Bulloch and Sqn Ldr R.R. Curtis
1984P.R. Mitchell and Flt Lt E.E. Watson
1985Wg Cdr J.R. Marshall and Gp Capt R.C. Parker
1986J.W.A. Andrews and Sqn Ldr R.R. Curtis
1987Sqn Ldr A.L. Stevenson and B. Wassell
1988J.W.A. Andrews and Gp Capt P. Callan
1989AVM D.T. Bryant and Prof D. Wilkie
1990J.J. Baynes and C.J. Redhouse
1991Sqn Ldr R.R. Curtis and P.R. Mitchell
1992Wg Cdr P.D. Cliff and Gp Capt R.C. Parker
1993Flt Lt T.J. Hedgcock and Flt Lt D.C. Stallan
1994Gp Capt C.P. Donovan and Sqn Ldr M.G. Fenn
1995Air Cdre J.K. Cloherty and Gp Capt D. Foster
1996Air Cdre J.K. Cloherty and Gp Capt D. Foster
1997Wg Cdr G.H. Cunnington and P. Ward
1998B. Hancock and Wg Cdr M.E. Wadley
1999P.M.T. Rogers and G.F. Stocks
2000Sqn Ldr J. Carter and Wg Cdr K. Watson
2001Air Cdre S.A. Baldwin and Sqn Ldr R.G. Taylor
2002Wg Cdr J.W. Blockey and Wg Cdr P.D. Cliff
2003J. Chaffey and Sqn Ldr G.W. Varley
2004J.M. Postlethwaite and E.J. Summers
2005Gp Capt W.F. Hughes and P.H. Johnson
2006Wg Cdr and Mrs J.S. Mumford
2007Air Cdre S.A. Baldwin and Flt Lt P. Taylor
2008R. Shimwell and Sqn Ldr M.J. Rudd
2009D. Walton & Mrs J. Francis
2010R.J.M. Aubrey and Gp Capt R.F.R. Carr
2011R.J.M. Aubrey and Flt Lt M. Bown
2012B. Hornsey and Mrs J. Francis
2013W.J. Belton and K.A.D. Burston
2014Gp Capt W.F. Hughes and Sqn Ldr R.M. Masefield
2015Cpl J. Reacher and Gp Capt M.J. Roche
2016Cpl J. Corn and FS J. Hellawell
2017Wg Cdr and Mrs J. Pearce
2018S.J. Baxendale and M.R. Wray
2019Gp Capt P.A. Bedford and Mrs N. Bedford
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