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Sam Vickers Golf Performance

Sam Vickers is a Physical Preparation Coach who has vast experience working with golfers of all abilities and ages, from juniors and seniors through to tour professionals.

His aim is to provide the very best performance coaching using a blend of current sports science and years of knowledge to help golfers of all levels; decrease their risk of golf-related injuries, increase overall movement capacity through strength, stability, mobility, speed and power, enhance swing mechanics and educate on better preparation, recovery and application of appropriate physical training.


  • Golf Performance Enhancement
  • Develop stability, swing mechanics & swing speed
  • Late stage rehabilitation / return to play process
  • Injury reduction
  • Training education, monitoring & recovery strategies
  • Golf warm-up routines / preparation & nutrition


Contact Sam Vickers

To book a consultation and movement screening or start your online coaching journey to better golf, check out his services at:

The Performance Centre,
Woodhall Spa Golf Club,
The Broadway,
Woodhall Spa,
LN10 6PU or
call at 07708 830957.

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